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    The Effects of Stress

written by, Dr. John A. Harris


     Stress is an unwelcome companion in modern American life. Stressors like financial problems, relationships, the loss of a loved one, problems like divorce, work problems, etc. all have a definite negative effect on our health. Even the "good" things in life can be stressful and cause the same effect (ex: weddings, promotion at work, etc.). The reason is that your body reacts to all stress the same way, whether it is good or bad, emotional threat or physical threat.  Our reaction to stress is called the "flight or fight" response.  It is meant to protect us from an immediate physical threat (ex: being stronger or able to run faster when you're afraid). Your body does this by releasing stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.  When the physical threat is soon over, these levels quickly drop to normal.  Modern life stress (emotional) lasts much longer (days, months, even years) than a physical threat (seconds or minutes). When stress hormones stay elevated for long periods of time many health problems can result. Increased blood pressure, fatigue, digestive problems, tension headache, and increased muscle tension especially in the neck and upper back are common. Chronic stress has even been liked to higher rates of many diseases (ex: heart disease).


     Even if you can't change the things in your life that are causing you stress, there are number of things you can do to minimize the negative effects of stress on your body and mind.


1. Relaxation techniques like prayer or meditation have been shown to actually lower stress hormones (within minutes!) and increase "pleasure" hormones like serotonin.
2. Try to have a sense of humor or watch comedy movies.
3. Exercise decreases stress and gives one a sense of satisfaction (accomplishment).
4. Keep your personal and professional life separate.
5. Don't procrastinate.  Get annoying tasks finished early and enjoy the rest of the day.
6. See the chiropractor! One of the many beneficial effects of the treatments we offer (massage, deep heat, muscle stimulation, and adjustments) is a reduction in stress.

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