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Therapies: Shortwave Diathermy


     One of the most unique and effective treatments we use at Concordville Chiropractic is a therapy called SHORTWAVE DIATHERMY. It is a form of electro-magnetic (radio wave) energy. The frequency of the energy (27.12 MHz) lies in the shortwave portion of the radio spectrum. Hence, the name shortwave diathermy. The word diathermy means "to heat."  This is the deepest form of heat therapy made - making it especially effective for the large, thick muscles of the low back.
     The reason why shortwave diathermy gets so deep and the reason why it is so effective is because it selectively heats soft tissues of the body. Patients are surprised to know that shortwave diathermy can go right through clothing without heating the clothing but still gets heat to the muscles underneath! This happens because the energy wave goes right through less dense (light) materials like clothing and skin with very little resistance but, when it reaches deep, denser tissues like muscles there is resistance and that is where the heat is generated. The shortwave diathermy unit does not give off heat - the heat is generated inside the muscles when the energy wave attempts to go through them! Therefore, it does not waste its energy on the surface (skin) where there is no treatment needed. Almost all other heat therapies (heating pads, moist heat, paraffin wax, infrared, etc.) heat immediately from the surface down, wasting their energy on the surface of the skin and getting very little treatment down where it is needed. Unfortunately, because it is cheap to purchase and use, most physical therapy and even chiropractic offices use only superficial surface heat (most often moist heat packs). Shortwave diathermy is so much more effective that our offices has put out the thousands of dollars per unit required to purchase one, and we have three.

     Because it heats so deep some patients are at first concerned that it may feel too hot. Actually, because it gets the heat right to where we need it, we don't need to use very much heat at all. A mild, warm sensation is all that is needed to be sure we are getting all the heat we need to effectively treat the injured area.  It is a very comfortable, relaxing experience.

     Shortwave diathermy has several beneficial effects on the body to better treat an injured area.  It dilates blood vessels to improve circulation. This increases the blood flow - bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the injured area so it will heal faster and properly.  This increased circulation also helps remove metabolic waste from the injured area. White blood cells production is also increased - helping to fight infection. Very important, it also helps prevent adhesions and excess scar tissue from forming allowing the injury to heal properly with better strength and more range of motion. This deep heat also relaxes muscle tension (spasms) - decreasing pain, improving motion, and allows for an easier, more effective chiropractic adjustment.

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Our goal here at Concordville Chiropractic is to provide you with the most modern, natural, and effective chiropractic care available, without the use of drugs or surgery and their accompanying side-effects.


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