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Therapies: Hydrotherapy


     Of all the therapies we use at Concordville Chiropractic, perhaps the one patients like the most is the hydrotherapy (water-massage) table. Hydrotherapy is basically a heated water bed w/Jacuzzi jets that massage the muscle of the entire back and neck. This is a very relaxing, enjoyable experience. Some patients have actually fallen asleep while getting hydrotherapy. Its main purpose is to relax tight muscles, Although this may be the healing of most conditions as its effects are fairly temporary. Almost all patients get hydrotherapy just before they get an adjustment. This reduce muscle spasms and allows us to perform a great adjustment with as little force as possible.

     Although that is me in the picture, I don't get to use it on myself as much as you may think as I am usually doing paperwork in between patients.



Some Therapies used at Concordville Chiropractic






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